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By owning a Harrington Alpine you automatically become part of an exclusive group of people bound across international borders with a unique common bond. Ownership is a privilege and on-going education is essential to the preservation of the marque. We thank you for helping us with on-going studies and registry submissions. As an owner you share in our quest for knowledge and gain by new friendships linked with these fine automobiles. We need you to be the eyes and ears of this cause by identifying and photographing new Harrington Alpines for the registry, providing copies of letters and literature or sharing stories from days gone bye. This information helps us to unlock the clues behind production and lost history of our beloved cars. It is also very important that you help us maintain this registry by reporting when your car changes ownership. Read the rules! RULE No 1; Never call a Harrington "Type", RULE No 2; see Rule No 1.

If you are missing a Forum on this site, we can recommend the two at: SAOCA, USA, and SAOC,UK,


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 FREE  - The Harrington Alpine Owners Society Decal will be made available for free to Harrington Owners who have submitted pictures and registry information for their Harrington Alpine, Harrington Le Mans, Series 'C' or Series 'D'. If your car is already on our registry and you would like a decal, please contact us to verify ownership is current and we will send one in the mail to you. Thank you for supporting this web site.




 Who are the people behind this web site?

Jan Iggbom has been a driving force behind research and documentation for many years. Many of you have been contacted by Jan as he researches and documents the serial numbers, registration numbers and  first registration dates of your cars. He is the "Harrington Detective" as some like to call him and is the   major contributor to this web site. He is the proud first owner of a Harrington Le Mans and a Harrington Series D

Snail Mail Address:Jan Iggbom, Rådjursvägen 14 SE-74635 Sweden. Phone +46 17151997

Ian Spencer is the founder of The Sunbeam Alpine Owners Club of America. Ian has been responsible for the creation and administration of this website and has worked closely with Jan Iggbom to accurately package this information into an easy to navigate website.

Snail Mail Address:
Ian Spencer
1020 E. Shoop Rd
Tipp City, Ohio 45371 

If you like to know more about Harrington Ltd and coachwork take a look at: 

 We would also like to thank the following Assistant Harrington Detectives for contributing pictures, knowledge and registry findings to this web site.

  • UK -  Andy Harland, Jeff Howarth, David Bradley, Justin Harrington

  • France -  Franck Felicite

  • USA - Rande Bellman


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